icona URO


Description: Hyaluronic acid sodium salt 1.8% • HYDEAL-D 0.2% (prolonged-release hyaluronic acid derivative)

 Indicated for intravesical treatment to restore/protect the GAGs of the urothelium, in cases where the loss causes frequent and recurrent disorders (e.g. interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome, haemorrhagic cystitis, cystitis caused by infections, traumas, urolithiasis, urinary retention and cystitis caused by radiation or chemotherapy). Hyaluronic Acid sodium salt and HYDEAL-D restore the function of the physiological protective barrier of the bladder wall against toxic urinary irritants, thus reducing irritation, inflammation and encouraging a reduction in pain.


Pharmaceutical form: Solution for intravesical instillation

Presentation: Ready-to-use 50ml pre-filled syringe with Luer-Lock Adapter

Notes: Medical Device